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Medicare Supplement Plans

The RHJ Insurance Agency works daily with valued elderly clients. We understand that finding the right insurance coverage is complicated.


Choosing the right Medicare supplement when necessary (sometimes yearly) can make the difference in whether or not you can afford the medical attention you need. When local and federal laws change, this might mean your coverage changes. As you age, your personal coverage needs often change. Fortunately, our independent insurance agents are here to look out for your best interests.

Put Our Expertise in Your Corner

Because new federal and local laws affecting Medicare are introduced frequently, it helps to have a well-educated professional assist you in navigating your health coverage options.


The RHJ Insurance Agency agents participate regularly in continuing education and make a point of staying current on legislation that affects our valued customers. We also take pride in explaining Medicare and Medigap coverage options in easy-to-understand language. Although these packages have been created to meet the needs of many individuals, we take a personal approach in working with our Medicare and Medigap customers.

Medicare Supplements and Eligibility

Medicare supplements, also known as Medigap coverage, provide a way for Medicare recipients to affordably expand healthcare coverage beyond Medicare Parts A and B. Not all Medicare recipients qualify to purchase Medigap coverage, and our friendly insurance professionals will be happy to help you learn more. Here are a few details:

  • Medicare supplements are not available to individuals with Medicare Advantage plans.

  • Medicare supplements must be purchased at premiums in addition to any premium you might pay for Medicare Part B.

  •  Spouses are required by federal law to purchase Medigap plans individually.

  •  Your insurance provider cannot legally cancel your purchased Medigap policy for any reason so long as premium payments are   current.

  •  Prescription drug coverage can be obtained in several different ways by Medicare recipients. Your insurance professional can provide details.

The RHJ Insurance Agency understands the complexities of finding the right combination of Medicare and Medigap coverage. Every individual is different, and changes in health may require a change in your personal choice of benefits.


Don’t try to navigate this difficult and ever-changing sea of options alone. Call 562-546-2703 today for your free initial consultation. Even if you already have a Medigap plan or Medicare Advantage, we’ll be happy to help you review your coverage—especially if a recent change in medication has hurt your wallet.

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